The Benefits of Walking


walking brochure

Graduate assistant, India Ballard-Bonfitto created this informational brochure to hand out to the Ball State Walking Club. The participants loved it, this helped to remind them of all the health benefits that come from walking!

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Learn a New Language Today


Whether traveling abroad this summer or interested in learning something new, Duoling is the perfect app for you!


Always been curious to learning Spanish, French, Portuguese, Italian, or English? Duolingo, voted Apples 2013 app of the year, helps you to learn these languages and is completely FREE!

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Are you consuming enough Protein?

Click on the like above to get information on daily protein consumption, created by wellness management student Kathleen.

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Dirt May Not Hurt. Gross!

With this TED Series you will get a closer look at how dirt, germs, filth, and muck impact your health and well-being.

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Workplace Culture

Think of workplace culture as the personality of an organization.”

Workplace culture is a key factor that effects expenses going down and revenue going up. It is proven that happier more satisfied employees leaded to higher production, and a positive workplace culture helps to attract talent and keep them there.

Workplace Culture Poster- sernarra

Kim Hoogeveen makes four strong points in the video, Work culture- why the gap? His reasons for this culture gap include:

  1. They (upper management) do not know how to fix the culture gap, they don’t know how to create a great culture.
  2. They know the culture is not very good, but they think they can fix it, even though they don’t know how to build and maintain a great culture. These “great” traits or abilities are hard to measure.
  3. The workplace culture is not great, but the upper management thinks that it is great.
  4. There must be a change in behaviors and models, they employees think that they want it- but are not ready to make the change.
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